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Short answer: It depends on the intended reader of the text. In most of the settings, it is not encouraged to mix Traditional Chinese characters and Simplified Chinese characters. Long answer: Simplified Chinese normally referred to Chinese used in mainland China. Officially, this varient of Chinese is often called Mandarine. And the term Simplified ...


Simply depends on region. Put it this way: you use British English when you write resumes in Great Britain (and related regions/countries) and American English in the US. Nothing more than that. As you would not mix British and American English in an English resume, you would neither do so in a Chinese resume. The places that use traditional Chinese are: ...


People in Hong Kong and Taiwan use Traditional Chinese officially, both in Handwriting and Documents, not just because it's aesthetically more beautiful, but also because Traditional Chinese retains the personality and original shape of words compared to the simplified version. Taiwan especially uses Traditional Chinese as an opposition to Mainland China's ...


Traditional Chinese is official Language in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They read, write and print in Traditional Chinese.

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