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I will recommand you to refer to this file, General rules for punctuation,which is the Chinese official reference to the use of punctuation.


All of it is correct. These two styles is loaned,「」 from Japanese,"" and 《》are from western countries. Chinese original marks 句读 are deprecated。 In mainland, the usages of "" are identical to English. You can also use 「」 instead, especially in vertical text. though it is not very popular ,but definitely acceptable. ﹏﹏ is used in ancient texts.I have ...


I don't know the Traditional, but in Simplified , “” and 《》 is the formal way.


For your purpose, instead of learning from a huge list of word pairs, you can use OpenCC. It allows you to convert between simplified and traditional Chinese. One big advantage of learning with this tool is that you can also learn different word-choices among the Chinese-speaking communities, e.g. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China.

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