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There's an exact word for only child:独生子(女), especially in China mainland. See 【天朝热词英文说~125】 根据family planning policy(计划生育政策),一般情况下每个家庭只允许生育一个孩子,也就是我们所说的only/single child(独生子女)。 According to the context, there're also other expressions. From youdao: If you have an only child, was this by choice or chance? 如果你只有一个孩子,那是你特意为之还是意外? After ...


The Chinese expression for 'only Child' can be '独生子女(only child)','独子(only son)','独女(only daughter)',or some more ancient or literary words like '独苗(only child)','单丁(only son)',单根独苗(only child or only descendant). Native Chinese speakers may have other expressions like, 他膝下仅有一女。(He has only one daughter.) 他是那老汉唯一的儿子。(He is the only son of that old ...


穷则变,变则通 ABC Impasse is followed by change, and change will lead to a solution. Grand Ricci (provr.) Quand on est à bout, on change, dès que l’on a changé, on aboutit : dès qu’un changement s’est amorçé, une solution peut voir le jour. De tout s’avise à qui pain faut; nécessité est mère d’industrie, d’invention. The last part is quite sums it up ...


"致"is often used in the beginning of the letter. "献给"is a more formal way of "给".


1.I haven't seen a sunny day for a long time(maybe you are in Britian),so he draws clouds and sun in the top if the picture and want a sunny day. 2.I wish my primary wife a happy birthday(referring to the exchange student who live in this room)that means he or she is joking about the owner is the primary wife and the unspoken words means the drawer has many ...


You can say 以xxx为特色/特点/重点. (or 由xxx主演 for movie etc) This album features all the new artist from NYC. 该专辑以来自纽约市的所有新艺术家为特色。 Or use xxx的特色在于 for same meaning, sometimes make the sentence more natural. This frying pan features all new design allows the user to cook in their sleep. 该平底煎锅的特色在于全新设计允许用户在睡眠中进行烹饪。

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