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愛人跟人走 my love has gone with someone else 離開已經三年後 It's already 3 years since you left me; 你煞有去無回頭 you gone away without turning back 真是乎人想抹到 [This] really is unexpected. 心肝親像磅心的菜頭 My heart is like a broken radish 想抹到想抹到 I couldn't imagine, I couldn't imagine 你會去跟人走 You would go away with someone else. 無彩我無彩我 You didn't care for me, you didn't care for me, ...


It certainly has the feel of a Chinese character, though I don't recognize it as anything modern. At first glance, it seemed to be a smudged/misformed 束. However, upon closer inspection, it could be 䖝, a variant/corrupted form of 蟲(虫) meaning insect. If you look at the entry under a03683-003 on http://dict.variants.moe.edu.tw/yitia/yda/yda03683.htm, it ...


I think "be seen as" can be translated as "被视为"/"被看作"/"被认为"/"在...眼里看来是". As you mentioned, there should a noun following "视为", so we need to add it, however, in some informal situation, like in speaking Chinese, without this noun it's still ok. In some case of English-Chinese translation, it is very common to change passive voice into active voice to ...


I ended up changing the meaning slightly so I could use 被视为危险的行为, which did not require specifying a subject.


where did you see this character? it looks like it could be the flipped image of the character for "免“ which means (Min Nan) it is not necessary; there is no need https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%85%8D (flipped image)

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