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"每个月各人的房租是六五十钱。" "一人的每个月房租是六五十钱。" “六五十钱” is not a correct way to say. Therefore, you should substitute that by "六百五十美元" or in a more common form "650$". After that, the first one sounds ok, but the second one doesn't sound right. Place that "的" in your sentence behind “每个月”. The way I say it will be: 每人每月的房租为650$。 It contains a rhythm in it ...


Each person's monthly rent is $650 If you want to use a sentence it would be something along the line with: 每个人一个月的房租是$650 $650 can be read as 六百五十 元/块/刀 you can say 一个人/每人 instead of saying 每个人 you can say 每个月/每月 instead of saying 一个月 If you want to express it as a phrase, like used on a sign or something, in this situation in Chinese ...

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