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When 巴 is used without context, it usually means part of Sichuan province. So 巴马 is a horse from Sichuan. 奥 is part of a room where you put offerings to your ancestors. So it is probably a cooked horse from Sichuan, put on a table in one of the house corners to please your ancestors. Not as funny as @zaolian's answer but anyways.


Why is the "巴" means "to long for" or "to stick". Really didn't get you guys.


Yes, if it is the way you interpret the characters, you can translate that into a sentence. However, you probably should not say this to an average Chinese user, it would not make any sense to them. Actually, if you would like to interpreted 奥巴马 to any Chinese sentence that makes some sense, it is nearly impossible. I personally do not see an modern Chinese ...

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