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I prefer 佳宁(佳寧), meaning "nice and peaceful." Although this girl may be young and stubborn, the name you suggest sounds awful and should not be applied to a girl. P.S. 尕 is a character used mainly in dialects. 拧 is used as a verb and never appears in people's names.


I haven't read the whole book yet. After reading the introduction of the book from Barnes & Noble Gah-Ning is determined to visit the town of Kapuskasing. She tries riding her bicycle, then glides away on roller blades, but each time her father pulls up in the car and brings her back. He doesn't want her to go because he has heard that people go to ...


Although it is a potentially valid to use the slightly derogatory "cute" nickname, it is much more likely to be a more standard-sounding given name, for example 佳寧 or perhaps 嘉寧, both pronounced Jiāníng in Mandarin and Gā-nìhng in Cantonese. To my ear, both are female names. A quick Google returns quite a few profiles with this exact given name, ...

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