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To say sticker, you would use, "貼紙" (Tiēzhǐ). You won't be able to find a phonetic translation, for the word "Sticker." Depending on which dialect, some people use english within their Chinese. We joke around and call this "Chinglish." So if you're transcribing or looking at subtitles, you would see the English word written out in English instead of ...


I am afraid there's no transliteration in Chinese for "sticker". In Chinese, especially in Shanghainese, there are many transliterations for English words. For example, "司迪克" for “stick(walking stick)”,“斯博灵” for “spring lock”,“水门汀” for “cement”,“拉三” for “lass”,etc. As for "sticker", if you have ever heard any Chinese says,it is just an occasionally borrowed ...

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