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xihuan=like “yao” tends to realize the action " Xiang" = want, but you don't have to realize it. Sometimes it is just a expression of ur desire


Well, I must say the answer provided by user12473 is not "colloquial". For asking the birthday, you can say 你什么时候生日, 你生日什么时候, 你什么时候过生日, 你生日在什么时候. Note that there's no use of 的 in colloquial language.


These words are very similar in meaning. There are some more variants like 添加,加添,添增…… 新增 is generally used in the sense of "add a new feature", often in the context of software. However, it can also substitute for other variants of "add". It puts more emphasis on the fact that something has changed, rather than what has been added. 新增 is often used as an ...

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