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You can say 以xxx为特色/特点/重点. (or 由xxx主演 for movie etc) This album features all the new artist from NYC. 该专辑以来自纽约市的所有新艺术家为特色。 Or use xxx的特色在于 for same meaning, sometimes make the sentence more natural. This frying pan features all new design allows the user to cook in their sleep. 该平底煎锅的特色在于全新设计允许用户在睡眠中进行烹饪。


separate verb? In modern Chinese grammar they are called 动宾短语(a phrase with structure of verb + objective). It's a huge group and I don't believe anyone can give you a complete list. 吃饭 睡觉 走路 洗脸 刷牙 喝水 打球 泡妞 修车 骑马 射箭 any more you want? I can give you even a longer list

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