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I'm a Chinese. I hope this will help you: 请洗洗你的袜子 is an imperative sentence. 洗洗 (the same meaning of 洗一洗/洗一下) is a united verb. It's meaning is "wash". The same of “洗” But, this wash (洗洗/洗一洗/洗一下) means "Hey, I need you to wash the socks." And “请洗你的袜子” is an ungrammatical sentence. Because 洗 always means "Okay, I'm washing them now." or "The socks are ...


quotation from 外国人实用汉语语法: (1) the reduplication of a verb implies a short and quick action (2) expresses an attempt or trial (3)expresses a sense of being light and relaxed and the same goes for [verb] +一下 请洗你的袜子 seems to make sense in Mandarin

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