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枕头(Zhen Tou) is the pillow which is on your bed. That's the only meaning of that word. However, 垫子(Dian Zi) usually means a mat or pad which you are sitting on. Or means some pad could be put under a glass cup, for instance.


X 个 X 个分成小组 means to divide something into groups of X. So 三个三个分成小组 means to divide these students into groups of 3. But the number of groups is not necessarily 3. The expression "X 个 X 个" is something like giving an example of arrangement, or the manner to process a bunch of things, such as: 把这些苹果两个两个放在一起。 # two apples together 把这些苹果一个一个洗干净。 ...


without delay 即刻﹐馬上 將食物烹調十分鐘後即刻上桌。 我一收到他們的傳真﹐就馬上回信。 very soon before or after something 立即﹐立刻 那個嬰兒剛出生就立刻被別人領養了。 very near to something 緊靠著 他就住在緊靠我們家樓上的那個公寓。 immediately involved/concerned/affected etc -very closely involved etc in a particular situation 直接 這個決定將通知所有直接相關人員。


I really think this has a lot to do with the culture. The feeling of 委屈 is almost non-existent or very minimal in western cultures. In Chinese culture the feeling of 委屈 is common. It always get magnified to a point that people may become extremely distraught or even commit suicide because they don't dare to raise their voices and fight back.....

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