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You can use Demon City. 魔都 (used for 上海) came from the novel 魔都 written by 村松梢風 in 1924, and according to wikipedia, the novel's name is translated as Demon City. Note that you don't have to translate 都 into capital, because it means big city too. ● 都  1. 大都市:~市。~会。通~大邑。


If we disregard the existing historic translation Demon City, and want to come up with a more, perhaps "modern" English translation to convey what early 20th century Shanghai was like, then what about: Sin City. It is still used to describe historic Shanghai, as seen in these examples: Sin City Shanghai | For a short time in the beginning of the 20th ...


Why not "Mordor"... I have always believed this is the only correct transl(iter)ation.


just say "还在修炼中”, this sounds humorous.

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