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傲嬌 is a word from Japanese animation and just used in the Internet. 傲娇指的是这样一种性格: 表面上对陌生人/喜欢的人很冷淡或趾高气昂,即展现出“傲”的一面,而一旦关系突破某一好感度/耻度界限后,或者遭遇某种契机(特殊事件)的时候,就会突然变得害羞、娇俏可人,即表现出“娇”的一面。 ref : http://zh.moegirl.org/傲娇 At most time, a person who is 傲嬌, means he/she is 傲 at first and then 嬌 when he/she met someone he/she link. For your context, I think it's a not ...

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