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I guess you just use them the same way as in English. Look at e.g. this list: Everything that uses 国际 translates as 'international'. Similarly in this list everything that is 世界 translates as 'world'. A map that shows all the countries and their GDP (as a choropleth) would be: 世界GDP分布图 In the case of a poverty average, I think you would rather use ...


Start with some wikipedia definitions: 杰里米·边沁于1789年首次使用了国际这个词。今天这个词主要有以下两个意义: 涉及到多个国家或者其公民的事物,比如国际条约。 作为形容词国际也常用来表示超出一个国家的国界的事物,比如国际水域。 世界:人类文明所有一切的代称。在许多场合下,也以全球、环球(寰球)、寰宇(环宇)、国际、万国等词作为代称,通常指人类现今所生活居住的地球。 For the GDP case, I think 世界各国GDP列表 would be better. 世界 might mean the world as a whole, so adding 各国 would be more precise. Nonetheless, omitting ...

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