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"right at that time" == "剛好", "當時" "Luckily, right at that time Mark heard my voice" => "幸好當時 Mark 聽見我的聲音(呼叫)"


"我認為, 要在中國體會當地文化的話, 就盡量不要光顧麥當勞." Although "應該避免" is a correct translation, I think it is a bit too "westernised" and too "formal". Also, "信奉" has a sense of "worship" and sounds too heavy in this case. I prefer saying "體會", "認真體會" or "全心體會".


"我相信,如果我想要信奉中国文化,我应该避免在中国去麦当劳" You are correct but "好好" is not necessary in the sentence. "我应该避免去那儿".


There's always the jukuu method: Go to jukuu.com (or youdao or icba) and type in "right at that time" or "just then" or similar phrases. You will see a wide variety of Chinese and English equivalent sentences.


Depending on the context, 正好 might work for you also. [modif: 正 just + 好 good] 2 chance to, by coincidence 我正好那天下午没课, 可以陪她进城。 Wǒ zhènghǎo nà tiān xiàwǔ méi kè, kěyǐ péi tā jìnchéng. It happened that I did not have class that afternoon, so I could go to town with her. -Tuttle Learners This is more of a "just as it happens" kind ...

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