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I think 点蜡烛 is more common as it is more used in daily speaking. 点燃蜡烛 is more formal to me and sounds like written Chinese. I come from HK so I am not sure the usage in other places.


尔 in traditional chinese is written in 爾. Although it also mean "you", I believe it's a typo. Because 尔 is widely used in old chinese. The situation is just like "Thou" and "you". It's rarely use in nowadays daily life no matter in HK, mainland China nor Taiwan. Instead of simplified Chinese, Hong Kong people usually write in traditional chinese. ...




The way it was explained to me was that suspect (in the context you are using it) translates best as 怀疑是 and doubt as 怀疑不是. I don't think it's fair to say the language doesn't differentiate between them just because it considers them to be the positive and negative aspects of the same concept.


点蜡烛is an imperative sentence I like to say 点一下蜡烛,if I ask someone to light the candle.


尔 is only used in old Chinese. It is surprising to see someone who uses this word nowadays... For your future reference, there are several words which mean 'you' in old Chinese: 尔: implies that the person you speak to is inferior to you. So your boss could use 尔 when talking with you (but not vice versa!) I think your penfriend is actually addressing you ...

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