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I think I really need more context to tell the differences. Sometimes they are interchangeable. 变成 -> Become / Turn into 五年过去了,我从一个学生变成了一名老师 - I was a student. After 5 years I am a teacher now. 变化 -> Difference / Change (mostly used as noun) 五年过去了,这里还是没有什么变化 - After 5 years there's nothing changed. 变得 -> It's like 变成 but it should be used before a ...


Indeed there is difference... Literally, 有 means "has/have", 名 means "name", so 有名 means "has one's name (heard by others)", hence "famous". 著 means "prominent", so 著名 means "(has) a prominent name (heard by many)". 著名 describes a more famous person, and most likely a positive reputation. 闻名 cannot be used to directly describe a person. You can say ...

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