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You have the entire stock of Sanskrit buddhist terms that have been incorporated to Chinese, like 菩萨, 佛, 涅盘 and similar terms. 苹果 is also Sankrit in origin, while 葡萄 and other fruits have been picked up along the Silk road. Mongolian words such as 达赖 (as in 达赖喇嘛, where 喇嘛 is Tibetan), have also crept into the langauge through religion. Cantonese and ...


I'm not sure how you are defining "Sinitic languages", but I believe that the Manchu and Sibe languages certainly are not Sinitic in any sense of the word. Given that the Manchu people recently ruled over China for a few hundred years during the Qing dynasty, they've definitely left a mark on the vocabulary of Chinese words, especially in the north-eastern ...

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