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I have checked a few random news sites from HK and Taiwan, here are some examples of defining the font or font-family property: font-family: PMingLiu, mingliu, "細明體_HKSCS-ExtB", "Ming(for ISO10646)ExtB", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font: 18px/1.7 "Microsoft YaHei", "Verdana", "Arial", "PMingLiU", "sans-serif"; font: 15px/24px Simsun; ...


Microsoft One Note provides OCR feature. Look here: Office OneNote 2010 的图片文字识别功能(OCR) or try: i2OCR


I don't think it is a proper question for this site, but I do web developing as well. The reality As you know, Chinese fonts are not easy to make because we have thousands of characters, so we only have a few fonts. The most used fonts are PMingLiU(serif), Microsoft JhengHei(san-serif) and image font for headings like in Apple's website. How I would ...

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