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I think it is a terrible mistake that the website has made, because there is no occasion when qu is pronounced tsʰu in Mandarin. Since you can actually tell the difference between u and ü, things should be easier for you now. You can just memorise that after (pinyin) j, q, x, y, ü is always written as u, and if you see u after j, q, x, y, it's always ...


Sorry pal, I don't think such software exist for a simple reason of exponential combination process. Chinese pronunciation has so many rules. Add on top of that, there are "occasional" special cases which may be frequent in usage. I gave it a minutes and I couldn't see how such a software could be designed to translate Chinese text to sound symbol. The ...


To PinYin Please use: Chinese version of word or WPS, in word you can see: 用鼠标选中需要注音的文字(拖黑)——格式——中文版式——拼音(Word2003,XP……) for Word2007 or above version, switch to "Home" page and then click this:


I have never looked for this kind of a tool before - good idea! I just ran a search using and came across an online tool that will do what you ask: http://zhongwenzhuanpinyin.51240.com/ If you can read a little bit of Chinese, I would recommend trying this one. It will convert your Chinese characters to pinyin and show tones. I have read on many Chinese ...

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