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班级 is a group of students who started school in the same year and participate in classes together, it's the students themselves. 课 is a unit of the curriculum, that is held by a teacher, professor and is attended by the students.


An interesting difference. Both have dictionary translations as "class." And http://www.baike.com/wiki describes 班级 as "the basic unit of the school." But this basic unit is not a class like history class or chemistry class, it is a class like the class of 2016. Grade school and High school classes are organized into much tighter social units than is ...


It's often better to provide the whole English sentence for translation. As divergent as the two language can go, a phrase-to-phrase translation is often less than pragmatic. What I can get is "忍受悲伤, 继续前行". But as Stan said, if you move on, you usually put away your sorrows, or 抛却悲伤 instead. There is a phrase from classical Chinese, "隐忍以行". It is an exact ...


I think is 万事皆有因。 more similars 苍蝇不叮无缝的蛋。 空穴来风未必无因。 万事皆有原。someone say this is from Buddhist scripture,cant proved


只 is the measure word for boats, birds, some animals, some containers, and one of certain paired things, e.g. 一只船 [yī zhī chuán,] 两只老虎 [liǎng zhī lǎohǔ,] 两只手 [liǎng zhī shǒu.] 只 is also the character for the adverb only/just/merely, when pronounced as [zhǐ.] 支 is the measure word for long, thin, inflexible objects, e.g. 一支香烟 [yī zhī xiāngyān,] 两支笔 [liǎng ...

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