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How should 顺便 be used? 顺便 does not mean "conveniently" per se. One can say, 从我家去地铁站很方便, but one cannot say 从我家去地铁站很顺便. Rather, as stated by Shudong's answer, 顺便 implies that the action is part of a larger set of events. Moreover, this action is something of an "afterthought", something we might as well do because it's convenient (as a result of the larger ...


I think there are 3 major reasons: 勿忘我 is kind of idiom that everyone use it. We barely use 不忘我 and 别忘我 because they have some grammar issues. Instead, 不要忘了我 and 别忘了我 are the right expression. 勿忘我 much better than the other two from perspective of literature.


醒: wake 醒来: wake up 睡醒: wake from sleep 睡觉: (go) sleep I am a native Chinese speaker, IMO 我想在你的身边睡醒 and 我想在你的身边醒来 or 我想在你身边醒来 (no的) sounds equally fine. 我想在你的身边醒来 is slightly more spoken expression, while 我想在你的身边睡醒 is slightly more written. 睡醒 and 睡觉 do have opposite meanings, but a better antonym for 睡醒 is 睡着,which means "fall asleep". 睡了 and 睡觉了 ...


Both right, but 是的 is more common in spoken language. The 的 in here is called a modal particle.

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