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黄 Simplifed variant (Unicode point U+9ec4) 黃 Traditional variant (Unicode point U+9ec3) ⿈ Kangxi radical 201 (Unicode point U+2fc8) 𡕛 Variant character (Unicode point U+2155b) 𨝴 Variant character (Unicode point U+28774)


I agree with the earlier answer, but I had the same question! So if it can help, I found an interesting information at Chinese Grammar Wiki's list of separable verbs and especially at “Separable Verbs” – A Misleading and Unnecessary Concept.


When addressing the listener's family, a prefix 令(ling4, which has a meaning of good, lucky) can be used. 令尊, your father. 令堂, your mother. 令郎, your son. 令嫒, your daughter. 令兄, your elder brother. 令弟, your younger brother. 令姊, your elder sister. 令妹, your younger sister. Correspondingly, when addressing the speaker's own family, a prefix 家(jia1, which means ...


Please refer to this Variant Dictionary. They are all variants to 黃. Characters in Chinese are progressing. Different fonts and writing ways can also make characters change. UPDATE: Another reference Moe Dictionary here. It shows every word's pronouncing and meaning by hovering your cursor on it.


separate verb? In modern Chinese grammar they are called 动宾短语(a phrase with structure of verb + objective). It's a huge group and I don't believe anyone can give you a complete list. 吃饭 睡觉 走路 洗脸 刷牙 喝水 打球 泡妞 修车 骑马 射箭 any more you want? I can give you even a longer list

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