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For an elderly woman, 大妈,大娘,大婶,阿婆,老奶奶 -- what's best really depends on what they are using locally and the age difference between you and the person. You can always just say: 您好, if you are not sure what word to use.


老奶 and 老爸 is improper. 老奶 is not used at all. It should be 老奶奶(for elder female, typically old enough to be a grandma, because 奶奶 means grandma). 老爸 is usually refering to your father, I think it work as "old man", when talking about someone with no relationship, maybe 大叔 is better. note: 爸 typically means father, only in some dialect it also means father's ...


never use 老奶/老爸! 老奶奶 is ok if she is really old.

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