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The translation of "they" depends on what it refers to. Use "他们" if you are talking about a group of people. Use "她们" if you are talking about a group of females. Note that if you are certain that they are a group of females you should always use "她们" instead of "他们". In comparison, if there is at least one male in the group of people, or if you don't know ...


当 is necessary here, it means work as; serve as; be. 有一天 他 会 当 医生 One day he will work as a doctor. As you see, without 当, the sentence does not make sense.


This is where a few basic Chinese concepts come in handy: Spoken Mandarin is genderless, written Chinese has Gender expressed in the radicals Knowledge of radicals will tell you the appropriate Tā to use I like using yellowbridge.com for looking up etymology, stroke order, radicals, etc. for each character: ...


compare: 活禽 KEY {agriculture} live poultry vs. 鸡肉 KEY chicken (as food), chicken meat 鸭肉 ABC duck meat

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