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上调 is the most common equivalent. In your description you are using the wrong character (凋, the radical is different). EDIT: to add credibility to my answer and provide some examples, I have added some use cases. Some usages in abstracts: -- School of Life Sciences, Peking University: 上调巨噬细胞的一些信号分子 "upregulating some signaling molecules of ...


It's called [防盗|贴身|隐形] (小)腰(带)包. Looking for any one of these terms on Taobao, you'll see how it is commonly referred to:


This one about forgetting the help which you once relied on to succeed. More readings: 教育百科 奇摩知識 筌者所以在魚,得魚而忘筌;蹄者所以在兔,得兔而忘蹄;言者所以在意,得意而忘言。 《莊子·外物》 If you are interested in fable prose as well, 《中山狼傳》is a pretty good one. As a matter of fact, 《紅樓夢》once quotes 《中山狼傳》to describe ungratefulness. More readings: 詩詞網 百度百科 互動百科 奇摩知識 ...

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