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It's usually called as 脚气 in spoken language, so you can say: 有治脚气的药吗? AFAIK, 达克宁 is a famous brand of 脚气霜, but I'm not sure whether it suits your case or not. So it's better to make a research before using it.


女权的发展 and 女权的提高 would make sense depending on what you are trying to describe. 女权的发展 - development of women rights 女权的提高 - rise of women rights I'm assuming you are seeking for rise of women rights?


You can just use 第X席. E.g.2nd violin 5th chair 第二小提琴手第5席. You rarely saw it probably because if the x>2, they probably do not feel that proud. And no matter 第3席 or 第9席, even the 副首席 does not mean too much to the non-expert audiences (in China)--the spotlight is only on the 首席第一小提琴手.

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