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What about this: 天生我材必有用,千金散尽还复来。


日出东海落西山,愁也一天,喜也一天 长风破浪会有时,直挂云帆济沧海


Building block Oxford: 1 child's toy 积木 2 figurative (basic element) 基础成分 the basic building blocks of matter 物质的构成要素 构成要素 seems to be the winner here. Results for 社会 + 构成要素 on baidu give us a bunch of different sentences that use this pattern: 什么是社会?它的构成要素有那些? 第三章 社会及其构成要素 论社会的构成要素 ...理解中国人的心理与行为_中国传统社会的构成要素(上)...


For a more modern poem, perhaps you might be interested in 面朝大海春暖花开. P.S. There's quite of bit of irony here as 海子 committed suicide shortly after writing this poem.

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