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《送母回乡》     ——李商隐 停车茫茫顾,困我成楚囚。 感伤从中起,悲泪哽在喉。 慈母方病重,欲将名医投。 车接今在急,天竟情不留! 母爱无所报,人生更何求! Meaning: When I stopped the carriage and looking around blankly,I felt like a prisoner because of the sadness I've gone through.My grief tear is like fishbone stuck in my throat.Now my mother is sick(lethally sick),so I'm taking her to visit ...


The best translation depends on the specific language context because 'make sense' has broader meaning than its Chinese counterparts: 有道理,说得通,靠谱…… For this particular example in your question: One of my friends from Beijing is taking Chinese 101! [It doesn't make any sense!] 我一个北京的朋友居然在上中文入门这门课![开什么玩笑啊!]

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