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欲 -- willing, want 速 -- speedy, quick 则 -- then, but 不 -- not, negative 达 -- arrive, done If you want to finish it quicker, then you probably can't get it done (correctly).


For my opinion,i will replace the 'X' with '成', by not changing the whole sentence... 你要换这个东西 "成" 那个吗? However the sentence I've mentioned sounds weird,we usually say: 你要把这个东西换成那个吗?


I am come from Taiwan. 我來自台灣 In traditional,If the clerk want to check your request that you want to replace! They always said:"請問你要把"A"換成"B"嗎?" 傳統上,如果店員要確認你換貨的需求.他們會說:"請問你要把"A"換成"B"嗎?" Do you want to exchange this for that? (你想要把這個東西和那個東西(交換/取代)嗎?) 你要换这个东西 "X" 那个吗? 參考答案: 你要换这个东西 "成為" 那个吗?

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