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欲 -- willing, want 速 -- speedy, quick 则 -- then, but 不 -- not, negative 达 -- arrive, done If you want to finish it quicker, then you probably can't get it done (correctly).


Situations where 吧 is used: 一起(together) + Verb + 吧: When expressing the meaning "Let's (together)". 一起去吧。 => Let's go. Adjective/Verb + 吧: When suggesting others to do something. (Imperative, but not that authoritative) (Let it be ...) 去做吧。 => Just do it. 快点吧。 => Be quick. 好吧。 => Okay. (Let it be good.) Adjective/Status Verb(是, 有,死,坐) + 吧: ...


This 则 means "then" in English, like the Chinese word 就.

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