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哄 Here's an example from 21century dictionary It took the mother half an hour to get the baby off to sleep. 母亲花了半个小时才把婴儿哄睡着了。 Here the full phrase is 哄睡着.


Tentative answer: 搖 The question is not very clear to me. It seems that the request is for a word which unambiguously indicates that the mother is holding the baby in her arms and rocking it. I don't think there is such a word in Chinese. My first choice for the action of rocking a baby would be 搖, but like English 'rock' this is ambiguous as to how the ...


This translation of 'Rock a bye baby' from 百度 gives 'the cradle will rock' as '摇篮就会摇摆' 宝宝的摇篮在树枝上,当风吹起时,摇篮就会摇摆。当树枝断裂,摇篮就和宝宝都掉下来了抓住宝宝和摇篮叻。 摇 or 摇摆 should convey the message of 'move something back and forth'. I think it is more Chinese to say '抱着宝宝哄‘ As to why the English put their babies in treetops to sleep, your guess is as good as mine! Edit: Did I get ...

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