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复读机 维基百科页面 “你复读机啊你?” Stupid character counter bah


In this context, I would use: 跟屁虫 [gēn pì chóng] Similar to the English word "copycat", it is an informal noun used to describe a person who imitates, tags along or copies the idea or behaviour of another person.


山寨。 China is home to copycatters. 中国是山寨之乡。 Every innovation gets copycatted by China. 每个创新都被中国山寨。 In your example however, 抄袭 and 剽窃 are the most accurate.


模仿者 means imitator, which isn't necessarily negative, and is used more for behavior imitation instead of content crib, but I think it is fine to use for your case. For intellectual property plagiarism, the common words are 抄袭 (lit. copy and assault) and 剽窃 (lit. rob and steal). Both words are formal and strong but the latter one is even stronger. You can ...

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