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In Cantonese, 先生 can be shortened to 生 when attached to a family name. It is used for adult male, all ages and is used orally, not written.


生 Short for 先生 in Cantonese 先生 is gender neutral in Chinese, however most people use it as the Chinese version of "Mr." Profession that is associated with 先生 is teachers (still used very often in the 80s and 90s. But thanks to the Communists such elegant term is abolished and people have started to call teachers as 老師 even in Cantonese). So if your Chinese ...


To best understand the meaning of a word, it's best to first understand the context in which it is used. 意 can generally mean idea, concept, meaning, thought, to think, wish, intention, will, to expect, to anticipate, etc. which is quite a lot! Also, 意 is not usually used singly. It is most often used together with another word, which probably helps add ...

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