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If the sentence was written in Traditional Chinese, you might find it easier to understand: 這些狗裏有一隻穿紅色的毛衣. and it means: 這群狗中, 有一隻穿紅色的毛衣. Even in the original sentence, I prefer "中" or "當中" because it is less confusing than "里". BTW, "紅色的毛衣" here can be simplified as "紅毛衣".


这些狗 these dogs 里 among 有一只 one (there is one) 穿 wear 红色(的) red (的 means that 红色 is a adj.) 毛衣 sweater And the whole sentence is: "There is one dog among these dogs wear red sweater"


The meaning is the same in traditional Chinese. In traditional Chinese, the style is different, 里 => 裡.


里 means :among those dogs .......


Split the sentence as below to make better understanding 这些狗里 有一只 穿红色的毛衣. But usually it would be more likely like below in speaking: (在)这些狗里(面) 有一只 穿红色的毛衣


It means one of these dogs wears a red sweater. ...里 literally means in/among ..., and it is followed by 有一只, which means there is one. Hence the whole sentence translates literally as Among these dogs there is one wearing a red sweater.


Correction 我下课以后常常去实习 ( i often go to intern-ship whenever the class is finish ). 实习以后我还有一堂课(After the inter-ship i still have a lesson). 我的最后一堂课有时会在六点钟结束,而其它天都会在八点钟结束。 (My last lesson will ended at 6 o'Clock sometimes,while others day will ended at 8 o'Clock) . 然后我就会开始做作业。(Then i will start to do my homework) . 每周至少有一天我都会有个Amnesty International会议. (At ...


I'm Chinese native student, show me the English original text if possible. 我下课以后常常去实习。 我以后我的实习我有课一遍(I can't quite understand this sentience)。 我的最后一节课有时六点结束,其它时间八点结束。(it's suggested to state if the time is pm. or am.) 然后(我常常is unnecessary)开始我的家庭作业。 每个星期我有至少有一次Amnesty International会议. 这是我跟我的男朋友建立(we say 建立 instead of 开始 to express the meaning of ...

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