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Well apparently I got the characters wrong as it should be “跟倒”... It is not part of MSM. It's from 四川话 Documentation: from "四川方言词典": from "成都方言词典":


In Sichuan, 跟到 means sooner - indicating that something is gonna happen soon or sooner.


Well, "我们跟到就走" is not widely used and seems wired. Maybe you should provide more context. "跟到" means "arrive" or "as soon as I/we finish doing something". I would like to translate "我们跟到就走" into "We will leave here as soon as I/we finish doing something/dressing/packaging/etc". Update to answer more precisely: it's not the Modern Standard Mandarin, and it ...


In my experience we would say "鬼來了", which means "The ghost is coming". We call the seeker as 鬼/ghost, and the ghost will announce that he is going to find others.

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