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就 means emphasize,can translate as "just", for example, "我就是不想去"(I just don't want to go!), used mostly. means under some condition, once, for example ,"我一吃海鲜就想吐"(I will get a sick once I eat seafood.), used frequencely. means relying on or with, for example, "就着菜吃饭"(Eating rice with a dish.) means successful ,like "一蹴而就"(Success at once.), rarely used. ...


You can use it simply, take a sentence,我就是爱你,mean,I'm fall in love with you


"就" is used with a verb or adjective to mean "something will happen in very short time" and is translated as "right now, right away, at once, very soon, be about to, be going to, be doing, etc. ". "就“ also expresses a meaning that one action happens immediately after another. I just found this content with the explanation of 就 http://www....


Please refer to this Variant Dictionary. They are all variants to 黃. Characters in Chinese are progressing. Different fonts and writing ways can also make characters change. UPDATE: Another reference Moe Dictionary here. It shows every word's pronouncing and meaning by hovering your cursor on it.

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