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Yes. This is exactly what 追剧 mean. No. No. We may call actions in last two question as 煲剧 or 补番 . EDIT: There is a funny name 坑 (means 'hole') for the series that have many seasons to watch. When we start watching it, we call it 开坑 (start a hole), and the process we watch from the S01E01 to the latest episode, we call it 填坑 (filling the hole). That a ...


百度百科 背景 追剧行为的产生是随着周播剧的产生而诞生的。周播剧是每周拍一集更新一集,如美剧《新生活大爆炸》、韩剧《来自星星的你》和网络剧《报告老板》,不能一次性看完就需要每周固定时间来看新更新的剧目。 So it seems to refer to keeping up with a tv show in the sense of watching it every week when it's broadcasted.

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