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The display font maybe doesn't have these variant characters. Try using a different font


黄 Simplifed variant (Unicode point U+9ec4) 黃 Traditional variant (Unicode point U+9ec3) ⿈ Kangxi radical 201 (Unicode point U+2fc8) 𡕛 Variant character (Unicode point U+2155b) 𨝴 Variant character (Unicode point U+28774)


This 则 means "then" in English, like the Chinese word 就.


欲 -- willing, want 速 -- speedy, quick 则 -- then, but 不 -- not, negative 达 -- arrive, done If you want to finish it quicker, then you probably can't get it done (correctly).


Besides 一不做,二不休, there is 好人做到底,送佛送到西. Or simply 既然已经做了,索性做到底. In English you can say "in for a penny, in for a pound".


不能半途而废 do not give up at half way or 持之以恒

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