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I don't think so. Try this: 石室诗士施氏,嗜狮,誓食十狮。施氏时时适市视狮。 十时,适十狮市。是时,适施氏适是市。施氏视十狮,恃矢势,使是十狮逝世。氏拾是十狮尸,适石室。 石室湿,施氏使侍拭石室。石室拭,施氏始试食十狮尸。食时,始识十狮实十石狮尸。试释是事。


I've been also curious about this and I think this could easily be a research topic. Chinese people often happen to understand me even when my tones are flat, and I highlight that they understand me a lot less when my tones are wrong. Of course this depends a lot on the context, and on the sentence. In a known context and with basic (high frequency) words ...

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