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Stan's answers are great, but assume NATIVE speakers. As a newbie, and assuming GRAYSCALE (I personally find it hard to read anything lower than 16x16)... If you are using an OLED display that is only capable of monochrome, I think newbies will need MUCH higher (at least 24x24).


It is a rarely used Chinese character. It has two pronunciation: "zhǎn" and "zhàn". English meaning: to open, to stretch; to extend, to unfold; to dilate; to prolong. The radical of 㠭 is 工, such as the radical of 林 or 森 is 木. The stroke order of 㠭 is If you want to learn more common stroke orders of Chinese characters, I recommend to read learn ...


Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. Edit: It is completely analogous to the stroke order of 叕 and other square quadruples.


All these dialects are direct descendants of Middle Chinese. They are mainly different in their pronunciation of words, not grammar. With regard to vocabulary, there dialects share a common set of content words, and a minorly different set of function words. Almost all neologisms introduced to Chinese from the western world, especially scientific terms, ...

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