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There are ancient people think exactly like you, so they developed 草書, see wiki. It's like drawing the shape instead of detail, i.g. stcakexhacnge and stackexchange will looks like identity at first glance. There are no rules but depend on your mind, sometimes it can be master pieces.


First, make sure you are writing in the correct stroke sequence. Then, just try to write faster, and don't care the strokes to be connected. While, try to keep the connecting line as light as possible. Chinese characters are understandable even if the strokes are connected as long as the stroke sequence is correct. The strokes in many Chinese handwriting ...


A good way to write faster, apart from to "practice, practice, and practice", is learning the order in which strokes are supposed to be written. This order tipically arises logically from the radicals that are used to build each character, and from the ancient traditional writing, e.g: engraving in wood or stone, and, mainly, using feathers or brushes & ...

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