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Did some research, but all I can find is that both 左 and 右 are actually the same symbol that denotes hand but reversed horizontally in ancient times. This symbol basically formed the top part of the character, which now pointed at same direction. When I was in kindergarten, my teach used to help us to remember them by telling us 右 has a 口 in it, so it's the ...


If you're a bricklayer you hold your square bricks in your right hand, you hold a level or ruler in your left. The 口 is your brick, the 工 is your level. Cheers, -dlj.


左 looks like it has an "I" in it. I in the alphabet is closer to L (left obviously) 右 looks like it has an "O" in it. O in the alphabet is closer to R (right obviously)


I learned it had something to do with what you do with your hands, the only one I can recall right now is how I differentiate: When you are working (工) you hold a ruler in left hand and draw with your right.

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