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The general principle is from top to bottom, from right to left, but the format can be very flexible. For a four-character seal, there are 6 ways to arrange the characters (see picture). Seal calligraphers normally pick the arrangement that is most aesthetically pleasing, depending on how the character is written & number of strokes per character, etc. ...


Here are some things that I found: http://www.bjshy.gov.cn/Item/64056.aspx: Beijing Shunyi district in a job related to labor disputes: > 70 WPM. http://ghj.fuzhou.gov.cn/ghjzwgk/rsxx/201504/t20150414_890668.htm Fuzhou city/countryside planning: ~60 WPM http://www.mohrss.gov.cn/SYrlzyhshbzb/fwyd/sykaoshi/zyhgjjgsydwgkzp/201401/W020140124568664734613.doc. ...

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