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Questions on specific points regarding translating Chinese to/from another language
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Questions about what word fits better in a certain context or situation.
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a group of Chinese dialects that use as standard pronunciation the dialect of Beijing. Also the expected language when "Chinese" is referred to by non-Chinese, as in "I want to learn to sp…
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Questions concerned comprehension and understanding the finer aspects of individual words or phrases, with or without a context in which they are expressed.
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Questions about the rules that govern and structure the language, and the composition of clauses, sentences and expressions.
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It's the set of words used by a language, but also all of the words within a language known by a single person.
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Questions that concern the use of expressions, parts of speech, words, verbs, etc.
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Questions about the Chinese characters, called Hanzi, about their characteristics and everything that relates to them.
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for asking help in differentiating between characters, pronunciations or syntax.
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Questions about the origin and the history of Chinese characters or words.
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Questions on specific points regarding the ability to use the correct consonants, vowels, tone, stress, rhythm and intonation of a word in a spoken Chinese
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Questions concerned understanding of individual words or phrases, considering a context in which these words and phrases are expressed.
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a set of Chinese characters standardized and promoted for use in printing since the 1950s in the mainland China.
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Questions about more or less fixed expressions.
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questions regarding regional variants of the Chinese language
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The Chinese dialect spoken in and around Guangzhou city (formerly Canton), and central and western Guangdong province.
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Questions about the official transcription writing system that is used to write the reading of chinese characters using the roman alphabet.
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Questions about two or more expressions with a similar meaning.
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a set of Chinese characters that does not contain newly created characters during the reforms since the 1950s in the mainland China.
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for questions seeking a Chinese word or phrase that fits a meaning. Please be specific about the intended use of the word, including context.
× 33
Questions about the tones used in Chinese.
× 33
Questions concerning the types of words and phrases which are grouped and ordered meaningfully to express a statement, question, or another type of sentence
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Questions concerning search and sharing of supplementary resources used in the process of language study: books, articles, links to Web sites, audio and video recordings, corpora, etc. See the help pa…
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a group of words that form a single unit in the syntax of a sentence.
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questions about Chinese dialects or topolects
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Questions about the cultural side of China and Chinese.
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Questions related to idioms, maxims, sayings, and other expressions consisting of a combination of words that has an indirect, figurative meaning.
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Classical Chinese (古文, Pinyin: gǔ wén, "ancient text") is the language of the classic literature from the Spring and Autumn period through to the end of the Han Dynasty, a written form of Old Chinese.…
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Questions about the differences between the Traditional and the Simplified form.