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comment What is the Chinese equivalent of English idiom “As if!”?
This one is interesting actually. The original sentence used "as if" to express that "driving Ferrari" is likely not going to happen, while this answer could have a similar meaning. Chinese usually depends on context and common inference to express the true meaning, so the complete sentence the author would like to say could be "好似法拉利是你家造的一样,哪有那么容易的". It reads "As if you could build Ferrari, how could that (own a Ferrari in two years) happen this easy". At least, as a native speaker, that's what I can infer. I'd say it has a similar meaning but not expressed in an obvious way.
comment Different names for each of the fingers
@NS.X. 二拇指,三拇指,四拇指 are usually used to refer toes. Personally, I've never heard people calling their fingers that way.
comment Terms of endearment
I think @QuestionOverflow is right. Most of Chinese terms of endearment sound old fashioned. They are usually translated from English. The younger generation usually give special nickname, which will be used exclusively by him/herself, to partner or close friends to express the special relationship.
comment Is 我很对不起你 a unique sentence structure?
I've updated my answer. Hope it helps.
comment Pinyin “ying” has an “o” sound?
I think the pronunciation largely depends on which part of China the speaker comes from. In that video, I sense a distinctive northern China accent.