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Aw Guo programmed with GW-BASIC when he was 9 and got a NCRE certification at 11. After being introduced to the web, Aw found his “calling” and decided to focus on internet industry and build a great company. In short, he is a super early-bird Chinese geek.

With 10+ years of Action Script programming experience, Aw helped Google (China HQ) and Automattic in many key projects like Google Music Screener and VideoPress.

With 7+ years of online blogging and website operation experience, Aw was named the #24 most popular Chinese Tech Blogger by ZDNet (CNET). The blog now had 120 Million + PV in all.

Aw Guo currently has over 14K followers on Twitter (@awguo) and is one of the most influential twitter users from China. He also has over 17K fans on Sina Weibo (weibo.com)

In 2009, Aw started MagnetJoy focus on producing/operating high quality Social Games/Applications. MagnetJoy is currently publishing its products to more than 9 famous main social networks all over the world. Currently MagnetJoy is serving over 35M users from over 70 countries in 15+ different languages! We're still moving fast forward!

In 2011, MagnetJoy enters the Mobile Gaming Area officially with some HTML5 based games. Specialties

AS1/2, AS3, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Business Development, Social Media Marketing, Game Design/Operation

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