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On the technical side of life.

A Chinese kid that really likes Japanese stuff. I know how to cook a bit, and I LOVE spicy foods. Buffalo wing FTW!

I am pretty new to uploading on YouTube, so I have some stupid videos, but I am not new to YouTube itself. One of the things I go on whenever, where ever.

But, I AM serious about things. Being top of my class is stressful, but has its rewards. I don't feel happy a lot, IDK why.

Movies are fun, but I don't go to them often.

School, for me, don't really like. But I don't hate it. Except for Chinese school. People in my class are crazy, they curse, and it gets annoying after 4 years.

Anyways, I love to work with technology. From computers to lightbulbs, their all cool to me.

I don't do great in PE, and only have a score of 94 out of 100.

I don't like ELA, or just Language arts, because to me, its kinda boring. Ironically, I love to write stories, and I try to sound like my favorite authors.

Math is really easy for me. Once I get the concept, I can do calculations REALLY fast. Math is sorta boring after a while of doing the same thing, I guess.

Social Studies, or History, is something I HATE. I mean, I like to learn about it and all, but remembering dates is not my thing. And the tests, oh my, I have to study SO much for them.

I'm part of my school chorus, and I do pretty good in it. The teacher really likes me, and the funny thing is that I never practice a song. I just sing it with everyone else. I just go with it, I guess.

My favorite animal is the cat, and my favorite food is basically anything spicy.

I don't like any seafood unless it's fish or clams.

I LOVE spicy tuna sushi. I get it all the times.

Beyblade, is really the past for me. Obsessed for 1 year, and it died down for me. I might be selling my stuff....

Some life goals: +Build a computer +Build/get a claw machine +Create a video game +Build cool Lego stuff +One day go to Japan +Publish my own book

and much more!

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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