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comment Character layout in calligraphy e.g. with respect to a quotation from Confucius
@Drux, I'm happy my answer helped a little. I exercised calligraphy when I was young. It really has the effect as your teacher mentioned, calm and feeling upright. Enjoy it!
comment How did 外国人 become 老外?
The pronunciation sounds natural in mandarin only, It's harder to read in accent of south China. The word began in 80s when Beijing was the one of several places to see lots of foreigners. There were also lots of reports about the word used in Beijing 10-20 years ago.
comment How did 外国人 become 老外?
@James, thanks for revising some errors. I agree my points may be a little subjective, however I saw it from my experience. Labelling a person by his nation, racial is not polite, even the word itself is neutral, so more educated people will do less on that. Years ago HK people often call mainland people as 大陆人,the word is neutral, but sounds not nice. Now they say less.