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I have no native language. I am more or less getting by in some tongues, and I can read and/or swear in douzens of other languages, but this doesn't mean I am an expert in them. By January 2013 I am 34 and wish to see the latter number growing.

I study [cognitive] psychology and am planning to obtain some certificates in computer languages and programming.

I enjoy horse riding, travelling, good cuisine, green Japanese tea, Russian and Spanish literatures and friendly company.

Fluent In: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Less Fluent: Danish, Estonian, Polish and Bulgarian,

Learning: Arabic, Chinese, Innuit, Japanese, Komi, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Yoruba.

Planning to Learn: Tangut, C, C++ & Pascal

comment Tones and syllable structure
@xiaohouzi79 You have also deleted the reference to two dialects as well, which made the question no less broad and unanswerable by a.n.y. person. Besides, I don't suppose we have an excessive number of dialect speakers here.
comment Tones and syllable structure
Thank you for your answer, but I think that of Stumpy Joe Pete is closer to the initial intention of it.
comment Fast-written forms of 草书 characters
Whoa... Thank yu very much. 谢谢。