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comment Meaning of 我知道的就这么多了
@BertR Really? I've seen the "得" one too but what's actually wrong with "我知道的太多了"?
comment Difference between 两个都 and 我们俩
Just a heads up: "我们两个都" is only an appropriate translation for "both of us" when it appears before a predicate. That's because it contains the adverb "都" which needs a verb or adjective to modify. That means "我们两个都" isn't interchangeable with "both of us", especially when "both of us" is an object as in: "You want both of us?" ("你要我们两个都吗?"× doesn't fly, "你要我们俩吗?" does).
comment Words referring to the shape of Chinese characters
Also 井号 for the pound sign (hash)
comment How to emphasize a word in writing?
Your final suggestion was spot on. I just wanted to make an answer in which that sentiment was the main point instead of an afterthought, since it seemed like the OP was misunderstanding something more fundamental about emphasis in Chinese. I think OP's "的" in the first example is enough; it was his second example that made me decide to write another answer.