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My native language is English, of the British variety, with a moderate, generalised inner London accent (as opposed to that of a specific locale, although its influences may or may not be heard). Always seeking to extend my grasp of language, I tend towards the formal, the elaborate, the precise; pedantic at times, but baroque always.


Ma connaissance de la langue français, au mieux c'est superficielle, au pire c'est à peine opérationnelle.

NB: I am only an amateur when it comes to linguistics. 对于语言学,我只是业余浅尝的。

comment Dissimilation of bilabial finals following Middle Chinese (法, 品, 凡)
Sino-Korean vocabulary is generally based on Tang dynasty production (as a rule of thumb anyway). Actually, a later "earlier bound" for dissimilation comes with the production of the Guangyun rime table, which still distinguishes e.g. 法 from 發 in the early Song dynasty, although that source is of course subject to a certain conservatism. Interestingly, with respect to the loss of glides after labial fricatives, Pulleyblank's Middle Chinese: A Study in Historical Phonology, says on p88: "This must have occurred at least by Northern Song and was probably well underway during Tang".