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My best programming language is Java, but when I'm too lazy to type out code, I go with python. My favorite language, Befunge 98, still has some features that elude me, for example, file io, but I have it's previous form, Befunge 93, down.

Mathematical symbols, for my personal use, but feel free to copy:

Logic:⇔⇒⊕∧∨¬∴ ∀∃

Sets: ∈∉∩∪∅⊆⊂× ℕℤℚℝℂ

Functions: →↦∘ ∂∫

Numbers: ≡≠≤≥∝±∓√ ⌊⌋ ⌈⌉ ∑∏

Lines: ∤∥∦

Other: …ℵ∋∞

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