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ParametricPlot3D[ {(1 + Cos[v]) Cos[u] + 0.085 Cos[5 u] + (0.994 v/[Pi])^100, (1 + Cos[v]) Sin[u], 6 Sin[v] + 2 Cos[v] - 0.7 Log[1 - v/[Pi]]}, {u, -[Pi], Pi}, {v, -[Pi], Pi}, Mesh -> False, BoxRatios -> 1, PlotStyle -> {Green, Specularity[Yellow, 10]}, ImageSize -> 350]

Then we get:

enter image description here

comment Learning Traditional first with the goal of learning both
@dda Would you like to tell me where you get this information?Then I can correct my answer,thanks.
comment What shoud I use to say “I love you”: “wa ai lo” or “wo ai ni”?
@Alenanno Thanks for your reminder first.Generally speaking,there are seven dialects in Chinese language,includes Mandarin,Wu,Yue,Min,Xiang,Hakka and Gan,you can find all the information here.The difference of pronunciation between dialects is particularly large,one can not know them all.For this example "wa ai lo",yes it is "我愛儂", "儂" should be pronounced as "nong" in Mandarin,which have a different pronunciation in other dialects.Feel free to post what you want to say.