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Linguist by talent, code-monkey by choice, corporate drone by necessity. French part-time wine trader and coder, living in Asia since the dark days of the [blink] tag. I used to code 8080 assembly by hand. Now, I stay a few layers above that. Craziness is for the young.

I do mostly custom code dev (desktop apps for SMEs, or middleware). Got interested recently in mobile apps, and despite my undying love for Blackberry phones (that's the corporate drone speaking), I code mostly in Phonegap for Android and sometimes iOS. I have a bunch of code on Google Code, which I guess I should move to GitHub – all the more so since git is my weapon of choice.

I do Java/C code only with a gun to my head – but Android is good at dragging me back in Java-land. Python preferred for non-critical apps. GUI apps mostly in RealStudio (and C glue code in dylibs). Erlang when I want to make my CPUs overheat and scream past the competition ;-)

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