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I started with Apple Basic and 6502 machine code and Assembly, then Fortran, Pascal, C, Lisp (Scheme), microcode, Perl, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Objective-C.

Originally, I was going to go with Atari... but it was a big expense for our family... and after months of nagging, my dad agreed to buy an Apple ][. The few months in childhood seem to last forever. A few months nowadays seem to pass like days.

comment 询问奸雄所见略同的由来 and how does it relate to chinese
奸雄所见略同 can also be in a joking sense, to mean "the cunning people think alike", such as when two coworkers think of a special way to make things happen in a business deal.
answered Table-tennis table: 乒乓球桌, 乒乓球台 or 乒乓球案子?