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Is there a list / database of Chinese mathematical terms (for complex math)?

Some things like this or advanced/graduate school math (like Group Theory, Ring Theory, Quantum Mechanics, etc.). Does Chinese have its own names for these types of things? If so, where can I find a ...

resources terminology  
user avatar asked by Lance Score of 7
user avatar answered by Havier Score of 7

What are characters called when they have three of the same radical used?

I sometimes encounter characters like 鑫, which is made of three 金 radicals, or 龘, which is made of three 龍 radicals. What are they called and is there a reason for their existence? Ive tried looking ...

characters etymology traditional-chinese writing radicals  
user avatar asked by Shawn Hemelstrand Score of 4
user avatar answered by 水巷孑蠻 Score of 6

A Cantonese-influenced Old National Pronunciation (老國音) system

I need advice/help on creating a system similar to the Old National Pronunciation system/language for a worldbuilding project called Roses, Tulips, and Liberty. Some background: Imagines, it's a world ...

cantonese topolect history phonology ipa  
user avatar asked by Omar Score of 3
user avatar answered by 水巷孑蠻 Score of 2

How is the term 盎格鲁撒克逊人 used?

In some Indo-European languages, including Greek, French, Russian etc., but not in English, the term Anglo-Saxons or Anglosaxons is used very often to describe the alliance of the English-speaking ...

meaning vocabulary terminology  
user avatar asked by Konstantinos Score of 2
user avatar answered by Sanchuan Score of 1

扣里:里 as verbal complement?

I've encountered the sentence 把准备好的葱姜蒜全扣里, in the context of having to tip some ingredients into a previously-mentioned pan. I wonder if 里 is acting as an internal object of 扣 or as its locative ...

grammar topolect syntax direction-complement  
user avatar asked by Sanchuan Score of 2
user avatar answered by Pedroski Score of 2

Why native say 我说汉语说得很好 not 我很好地说汉语

I want to say: I speak very good Chinese. Can I also say 我很好地说汉语? How to understand the differences in meaning? Thank you.

grammar meaning  
user avatar asked by robert Score of 2
user avatar answered by Havier Score of 1

Why is 吏 (lì) pronounced differently to 史 (shǐ) and 使 (shǐ)?

The pronunciation of 吏 (lì) is frustratingly hard to remember since it's different to two similar-looking characters 史 (shǐ) and 使 (shǐ). Sometimes learning the etymology, and the reason why a ...

characters etymology pronunciation  
user avatar asked by Becky 李蓓 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Alexander Z. Score of 8

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to express "have fun!" or "enjoy!" in Chinese?

In English, when a friend is doing some activity, we typically say to him/her: Have fun! or Enjoy! How can we say this in a idiomatic way in Mandarin Chinese?

word-requests expressions  
user avatar asked by Nicolas Score of 2
user avatar answered by Eli Score of 1

茶 - How to identify varieties of tea?

I'm looking for vocabulary to help puzzle-out the kind of tea contained in various packages from the Chinese characters on their labels. So far I recognize 茶(tea) and 叶(leaves). (Apparently these ...

user avatar asked by mgkrebbs Score of 5
user avatar answered by tomriddle_1234 Score of 11

Confusion about bian 邊 and miàn 面

I'm having a little trouble with learning directions and positions. It seems that most often the word bian is being used to indicate a position: front side 前邊, back side 後邊, etc. But then I see stuff ...

word-choice mandarin synonyms  
user avatar asked by Kevin Thompson Score of 21
user avatar answered by 杨以轩 Score of 16

How do I decide whether to use 可以, 会 or 能?

According to every dictionary I've seen so far, there is a big overlap in these: 可以 = can, may, be able to 会  = can, be able to, able 能  = can, may, able, capable How do I properly choose which ...

grammar usage  
user avatar asked by dr Hannibal Lecter Score of 37
user avatar answered by StarCub Score of 24

Chengyu with two numbers

There are chengyu with two numbers in them, for example: 一穷二白 (一, 二) 万众一心 (万, 一) 七上八下 (七, 八) 九五至尊 (九, 五) But it seems that the selection of numbers is not completely random, and that certain numbers ...

user avatar asked by congusbongus Score of 5
user avatar answered by donnadulcinea Score of 10

Why is 我草 (wǒ cǎo) vs. 我操 (wǒ cāo) funny?

This cropped up on my Facebook: It says: you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about... 我草 我操 wǒ cǎo wǒ cāo I get the impression that this is rude, but anyway... Question: Why is ...

translation slang  
user avatar asked by Becky 李蓓 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Mou某 Score of 2

Why is there a 零 in 三年零九个月?

……大王,您所期待的长恒纪元就到来了,这个恒纪元将持续三年零九个月,其间气候温暖,是一个黄金纪元。 刘慈欣,《三体》 This is from the novel The Three Body Problem. I'm a little bit puzzled as to why there is a 零 added in 三年零九个月 = "three years and nine ...

user avatar asked by Becky 李蓓 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Tang Ho Score of 8

Can you answer this question?

Snuff Bottle Calligraphy

I recently inherited a modern snuff bottle collection that have what looks like old calligraphy on the back side. Can someone tell me what the calligraphy says, and maybe even the chop?

user avatar asked by Jmax Score of 1
user avatar answered by Havier Score of 0
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