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What are these two Cantonese words that mean "picky" ? They sound like 哦過 or 屙裹

I practice Cantonese with staff at a favorite Cantonese restaurant. A waiter joked that my daughter is a picky eater with 2 words that sound like 哦過, 哦裹, 屙過, 屙裹. He was uncertain how to write it, ...

user avatar asked by user61794 Score of 3
user avatar answered by Tang Ho Score of 6

Why "again" is expressed differently in the present and in the past. (又 and 再)

I've been studying for HSK3 and I was very intrigued in the reason why expressing "again" in different moments has to be done with different characters, I mean, I know their differences and ...

etymology learning  
user avatar asked by 大摩西 Score of 3
user avatar answered by Michaelyus Score of 2

Repetition of the first verb (separable verbs)

I am learning Chinese and I have a question about separable verbs. I understand that separable verbs are verbs that can be split by an object or a complement, such as 看书 (read a book) or 看见 (see). ...

grammar verbs  
user avatar asked by mjfneto Score of 2
user avatar answered by PdotWang Score of 2

Words equivalent to ideas surrounding transience? (Think: Wabi Sabi)

I'm looking for words that capture the idea of 'passing by', 'transience' or 'releasing' in Chinese. Perhaps even 'empty space' or something similar? Wabi Sabi is obviously a Japanese phrase and uses ...

user avatar asked by lavender Score of 2
user avatar answered by rinn玲 Score of 0

Difference between 幺 and 么

I saw words like 什幺 and 这幺 in the story I'm reading. I'm wondering if it's just a typo or do people actually spell it like that. If yes, what's the difference with 么?

simplified-characters character-variant  
user avatar asked by Namura Score of 2
user avatar answered by joehua Score of 4

Does “XX是什么样的人?” refer mostly, and maybe only, to personality?

My family is made of Chinese natives while I am bilingual. My dad sometimes asks me questions like “你的老师是什么样的人?” before lightly chastising me that the askers of such questions usually want to know ...

meaning phrase-meaning  
user avatar asked by Aaron Liu Score of 1
user avatar answered by r13 Score of 0

Is 认 related to 人?

The verb "to know" 认 (rèn) is the simplified form of 認 (言 → 讠 and 忍 → 人). I'm not very familiar with the history behind simplifying characters, but I'm aware many characters generally have a ...

simplified-characters glyph-origin traditional-vs-simplified  
user avatar asked by 月-- Score of 1
user avatar answered by Yue Yuan Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to look up seal script characters?

When we know a modern Hanzi, finding its seal script equivalent in a dictionary is not a problem. However, a more common case is that we have an existing seal script character we cannot identify, and ...

character-identification characters seal  
user avatar asked by 米好 '-' Score of 24
user avatar answered by dROOOze Score of 11

What is the difference between 狗 and 犬?

狗 (gǒu) and 犬 (quǎn) both mean "dog" and both seem relatively common, but is there any difference between them? When should I use one and when should I use the other?

characters synonyms difference  
user avatar asked by laurent Score of 38
user avatar answered by Bruce Li Score of 23

Is “事出必有因” the most accurate translation for "everything happens for a reason"?

Is “事出必有因” the most accurate translation for "everything happens for a reason"? If not, what is it?

translation meaning-in-context  
user avatar asked by john Score of 6
user avatar answered by user6857 Score of 5

How to write "Oh" in Chinese (哦,噢,喔)

In WeChat, QQ, text messages, and the like, it is common to see 哦, 噢, and 喔 used to express an acknoledgement that the other person has said something. They all seem fairly close equivalents to the ...

meaning comparison  
user avatar asked by Suragch Score of 3
user avatar answered by Brutal Honest Philosophy Score of 5

How to estimate your score for an HSK practice exam?

I'm preparing for my first HSK exam in October - probably level 1 - so I completed a practice exam. I know the number of correct answers, but I don't how to convert these into a score. From what I'...

user avatar asked by Sjors Provoost Score of 9
user avatar answered by Stan Score of 6

Does 危机 really mean both crisis and opportunity?

A lot of people, mostly those who haven't studied Chinese, like to claim something along the lines of "In Chinese, the word for crisis 危机, also bears the meaning of opportunity." This is usually ...

meaning mandarin characters etymology phrase  
user avatar asked by Lars Andren Score of 15
user avatar answered by K. Shen Score of 17

Special meanings applied to numbers 0 - 10

From what I understand: 4 or 四 means death 8 is similar to 发 as in 发财 9 is somehow related to the emporer or is the emporer's number Can someone please provide the meanings (if they exist) for each ...

vocabulary meaning  
user avatar asked by going Score of 15
user avatar answered by Alenanno Score of 11

Can you answer this question?

Why do the news report use 某?

In English context, "a person who knows this", "an anonymous resource" or "a well-informed person",etc sometimes is used to cover the identity. Yesterday I read a news ...

user avatar asked by NanningYouth Score of 1
user avatar answered by Tang Ho Score of 0
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