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Top new questions this week:

Why must we say 我可以从你那儿借钱吗? instead of just 我可以从你借钱吗?

我可以从你借钱吗? Can I borrow money from you? At some point in our language learning journey, we learn that 从[person] is considered a grammar error in Chinese (despite the equivalent not being a grammar ...

asked by Becky 李蓓 Score of 2
answered by Tang Ho Score of 4

What does 嗦特嗦 mean?

Hello I'm wondering what would 嗦特嗦 mean? I've done a bit of research on baidu and I know 嗦 would mean eat/suck, 嗦嗦 is an onomatopoeia, 特 is special, but combined 嗦特嗦, it doesn't make much sense to me. ...

translation meaning  
asked by Huy Score of 2
answered by Tang Ho Score of 3

What does 兮兮 mean?

According to the dictionary, 兮兮 means: 词的后缀。用在某些词后,表示一种情态。 脏兮兮 | 可怜兮兮 | 神经兮兮 I'm not sure what this has over just using the word (how can 情态 express adjectives to express a state, not people?). Does ...

word-choice usage  
asked by Blaszard Score of 2
answered by laoyumi Score of 2

Difference between resultative complement and complement of state

In "New Practical Chinese Reader 2", it introduces two complements for Chinese verbs, in two different chapters. The first one being, complement of state, like 他跑得好。(He runs well) The second ...

grammar complement  
asked by Mohammad Talebi Score of 1
answered by Rafael_DD Score of 2

What is an example of a surname formed by combining two single-character family names?

There are many origins of compound surnames. Some derive from royal or official titles, place-names, professions, while others originate from non-Han Chinese clans that lived in ancient China or were ...

etymology names  
asked by Becky 李蓓 Score of 1
answered by 水巷孑蠻 Score of 3

这段课文写对了没有? 请你们检查一下。谢谢

Please help me to check if my text for the video is correct. 大家好! 我是_, 我来自俄罗斯, 今年20岁。 目前还是一个_大学外国语学院的学生。 我是一个渴望知识的人, 学得很认真和努力。 我家不太富裕, 我从中学工作和帮助解决金钱问题。 从那时起,我试图了解金融和经济学是如何运作的, 觉得很有意思。 在我上学期间, ...

grammar meaning-in-context usage sentence-structure writing-critique  
asked by Mumi Score of 1
answered by r13 Score of 2

On what basis are word classes in Chinese defined?

Since Chinese words are non-inflecting, word classes in Chinese have to be defined based on syntactic behaviour: "verbs" are words that behave like verbs in a sentence (i.e., can fill the ...

grammar word  
asked by Slavus Score of 1
answered by lilysirius Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to say "thank you for ..."?

In order to say "thank you", I can say 谢谢 or 谢谢你. What if I want to be more specific and say "thank you for (something)"? As an example, suppose I was invited for dinner at someone's place, and I ...

translation mandarin expressions  
asked by Corsin Pfister Score of 8
answered by Mou某 Score of 11

Is this how it feels to read Chinese?

I cam across this post a while back, its a discussion regarding the ease (and/or speed) of reading text in Chinese vs text in English. To directly quote what another person had quoted: I feel ...

asked by 小奥利奥 Score of 3
answered by Toosky Hierot Score of 4

Does Chinese have a saying about Cantonese people eating almost anything?

Wikivoyage's guide to Guangzhou, amongst others, says A well-known Chinese joke is that they eat anything that has four legs other than a table, anything that flies other than an airplane, and ...

asked by Andrew Grimm Score of 1
answered by Tang Ho Score of 6

Why is 我草 (wǒ cǎo) vs. 我操 (wǒ cāo) funny?

This cropped up on my Facebook: It says: you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about... 我草 我操 wǒ cǎo wǒ cāo I get the impression that this is rude, but anyway... Question: Why is ...

translation slang  
asked by Becky 李蓓 Score of 1
answered by Mou某 Score of 2

How offensive is 他妈的?

How offensive is the expression 他妈的? What is an English expression with a similar degree of offensiveness? In what situations is this expression appropriate / not appropriate?

meaning swearing  
asked by jsj Score of 23
answered by Flake Score of 19

What's the meaning of Haiya in Chinese?

My Chinese friends often say, Haiya followed by something. It's usually done in correcting a person. It's like, Haiya, don't do this lah, you should do that instead. What does Haiya mean? In this ...

asked by user4951 Score of 3
answered by Axel Tong Score of 7

The meaning of 感到鸭力

I am trying to understand, what is the true meaning of 感到鸭力 translated to English as to feel the duck power As I noticed, it is often used in memes along with images expressing that feeling. But only ...

phrase phrase-meaning  
asked by mpasko256 Score of 8
answered by dROOOze Score of 18
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