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Top new questions this week:

Can someone please explain this: 都没吃饭吗

I was watching a drama and in the scene, the coach was speaking to her team: Coach: 希望每个队员都能拿出最好的状态。能不能做到 (I know all of you can do your best。 Can you do that?) Team: 能!(Yes!) Coach: 都没吃饭吗 (Not loud ...

meaning-in-context expressions  
asked by Em 玲菲 5 votes
answered by River 5 votes

How to say “tastes bad” for inedibles?

The standard phrase for tastes bad is 难吃. But plenty of stuff tastes bad without being edible. For instance toothpaste. I performed a google search for: 难吃的牙膏 finding no exact and just one near ...

asked by Ludi 5 votes
answered by Tang Ho 3 votes

What does 我三谁了 mean in 我也不知道,我刷四绝朋友告诉我有人刷喇叭骂我小三,我不知道我怎么就小三了,我三谁了?

Could anyone explain to what 我三谁了 mean in 我也不知道,我刷四绝朋友告诉我有人刷喇叭骂我小三,我不知道我怎么就小三了,我三谁了?! I know that the whole sentence more or less means "I don’t know, my best friend told me that someone used ...

translation meaning-in-context  
asked by mysticloud 4 votes
answered by River 2 votes

Why Mandarin Chinese has much fewer different syllables than English?

English has around 15.000 different syllables. Mandarin Chinese has around 1.300 / 1.500 different syllables. Mandarin Chinese has almost an order of magnitude less different syllables than ...

etymology history phonology linguistics  
asked by Puco4 3 votes

Must 怎么 be right after 你 in this sentence: 你怎么知道我的名字

When you ask someone his/her name, you can say: 你叫什么名字 什么 is not right after 你 but when you ask someone how he/she knows your name, you say: 你怎么知道我的名字 Must 怎么 be right after 你 in this sentence? Is ...

sentence-structure word-order  
asked by O Connor 3 votes
answered by fefe 4 votes

Do 饶舌 and 说唱 mean the same thing in Chinese?

Google translate gives "Rap" for "饶舌" and "说唱" for "Rap" Do 饶舌 and 说唱 mean the same thing in Chinese? Is it about spoken vs. written?

asked by PutBere 3 votes
answered by Boyue 1 vote

What's the meaning of 戒 in 戒指?

On a lighter note: Does 戒 in 戒指 mean: you can stop using your finger now you are married? With this ring I thee wed.

meaning etymology  
asked by Pedroski 3 votes
answered by Mo. 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a good technique for remembering tones?

I find it a great struggle to try and remember tones for all the new vocab I learn, and aside from gradually picking up tones by listening and talking with native speakers, I can't really remember ...

mandarin tones vocabulary  
asked by Ciaocibai 30 votes
answered by Alenanno 22 votes

Various ways to say "nice to meet you"

When I first started learning Chinese I knew the in order to say "Nice to meet you" or "Pleased to meet you," I had to use the following expression: 很高兴见到您。 But recently I've come across other ...

mandarin expressions greetings  
asked by Alenanno 12 votes
answered by StarCub 10 votes

What does 丫 mean? 丫是什么意思?

I'm currently watching a TV show called ”匆匆那年“, at I've only watched half an hour of the seventh ...

usage word  
asked by 米凯乐 7 votes
answered by jean 8 votes

What is the difference between 狗 and 犬?

狗 (gǒu) and 犬 (quǎn) both mean "dog" and both seem relatively common, but is there any difference between them? When should I use one and when should I use the other?

characters synonyms difference  
asked by laurent 35 votes
answered by Bruce Li 21 votes

Why did my friend write 发发发 on her note?

Today I went to an ice-cream shop with my Chinese friend, and we wrote notes to stick on the wall. My friend wrote: 开心、健康、平安、发发发 kāixīn, jiànkāng, píng'ān, fā fā fā The first three items are ...

asked by Becky 李蓓 12 votes
answered by Bruce Huang 12 votes

When are "《" and " 》" and other brackets used?

In some texts, I have seen the following brackets: Caret brackets: 《, 》, 〈, and 〉. Square brackets: 【, 】, 〖, and 〗. C-brackets: 〔 and 〕. L-brackets: 「, 」, 『, and 』. Some questions: What are the ...

asked by Village 13 votes
answered by Kjuly 6 votes

Is there any connection between the choice of characters for 九 and 丸?

I just learned the character 丸 and naturally noticed that it is similar to 九 with the additional 点. Is there any interesting connection between these two characters or is it just a random coincidence ...

characters etymology glyph-origin  
asked by Kantura 10 votes
answered by dROOOze 15 votes

Can you answer this question?

Are there Chinese spoken language games? (like Ubbi Dubbi)

Ubbi dubbi is a language game spoken with the English language. It was popularized by the 1972-1978 PBS children's show Zoom. ... Ubbi dubbi works by adding -ub- /ʌb/ before each vowel sound in a ...

resources spoken games  
asked by Stephen Cowley 2 votes
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