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Top new questions this week:

What's wrong with 很多同学坐着在草地上?

很多同学坐着在草地上 => My textbook gives me the correct sentence: 很多同学坐在草地上. But I think the original one is not wrong. (1) 很多同学坐着在草地上. Many students are sitting on the grass. (2) 很多同学坐在草地上. Many ...

grammar meaning meaning-in-context  
asked by Jenny 3 votes
answered by Becky 李蓓 4 votes

Why I cannot say "他坐着在沙发上看报纸“?

他坐着在沙发上看报纸. He is sitting on the sofa and reading newspaper. A friend tells me it should be (1) 他坐在沙发上看报纸. (2) 他坐在沙发上看着报纸. (3) 他在沙发上坐着看报纸. Can anyone explain to me why the original one is ...

asked by Jenny 2 votes
answered by 高鵬翔 1 vote

The legend of the Chinese dragon

I found a story about the origin of the Chinese dragon in English but can't find it anywhere in Chinese. The characters' names are Chi Yu and Hieun Tse in the English version. Does anyone know if ...

asked by Kantura 2 votes
answered by 水巷孑蠻 1 vote

How do I break apart the middle part of 事实证明,澳大利亚非量没有用奶制品进行反制的条件,破产事件反而证明这是澳方的软肋?

Today I read an article about Australia considering blocking China importing baby formula (奶粉), which expresses the opinion that the current pandemic has shown what happens if China stops buying ...

grammar meaning  
asked by Becky 李蓓 1 vote
answered by Tang Ho 2 votes

How to translate "(surname)老板“ in English

how does one translate '(surname)老板' from Chinese to English? I understand that the word '老板' means boss/shopkeeper/shop owner/chief, but when a surname is added in front of their position, how ...

translation grammar sentence-structure  
asked by harurookies 1 vote
answered by Pedroski 4 votes

How to translate 'grade school 風紀/風紀員' into English?

When I was a grade school student in Hong Kong, some students in school would be assigned positions of duty or authority. For example, 班長 (class representative) , 行長 (roll leader) and 風紀(whose duty ...

asked by Tang Ho 1 vote
answered by Kasey Chang 1 vote

Comparison question with implicit 再 zài?

I just started learning chinese and I came across this dialogue from a lesson: A: Pínɡuǒzěnme mài ? 苹果怎么卖? How much are the apples? B: Sìkuài. 四块. 4 Yuan. A: Yǒudiǎnr ɡuì. Kěyǐpiányi ...

grammar characters difference sentence-structure syntax  
asked by Puco4 1 vote
answered by Tang Ho 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to write "Oh" in Chinese (哦,噢,喔)

In WeChat, QQ, text messages, and the like, it is common to see 哦, 噢, and 喔 used to express an acknoledgement that the other person has said something. They all seem fairly close equivalents to the ...

meaning comparison  
asked by Suragch 3 votes
answered by Brutal Honest Philosophy 5 votes

Does Chinese have a saying about Cantonese people eating almost anything?

Wikivoyage's guide to Guangzhou, amongst others, says A well-known Chinese joke is that they eat anything that has four legs other than a table, anything that flies other than an airplane, and ...

asked by Andrew Grimm 1 vote
answered by Tang Ho 5 votes

How do I self-answer "What does this say?"

We get a lot of translation requests at Chinese.SE, and while we'd like to help, there's sometimes very little about the Chinese language in the question, and a lot about the procedure for obtaining ...

translation transcription  
asked by Becky 李蓓 7 votes
answered by Becky 李蓓 6 votes

How to improve my Chinese handwriting?

When someone has grasped the basic concepts of writing Chinese, there comes a point where handwriting starts to look plain or mechanical. From what I have seen, the lines look very straight and like ...

asked by going 15 votes
answered by going 20 votes

Resources for learning Mandarin Chinese

This is a specifically created Community Wiki which gathers resources for learning Mandarin Chinese and it has been approved by the Community itself. It should be clear that the resources are not ...

asked by Alenanno 120 votes
answered by aelephant 23 votes

How offensive is 他妈的?

How offensive is the expression 他妈的? What is an English expression with a similar degree of offensiveness? In what situations is this expression appropriate / not appropriate?

meaning swearing interjections  
asked by jsj 22 votes
answered by Flake 18 votes

What is the most complex simplifed character?

I'm interested in simplified only for this question - which simplified character retains the most complexity, defined by having the highest number of strokes? To clarify: I'm after the most ...

asked by Michael Robinson 3 votes
answered by Cocowalla 7 votes
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