the syntax is S V O, one can expand this to include phrases about time and place: S t p V O.

What else can be this SVO structure expanded with? How would a maximal structure look like that incorporates all or almost all phrases possible?

  • Would like to hear about the purpose of the question so that discussion may be easier. Otherwise it sounds like a math question. (:
    – Wala
    Oct 25, 2014 at 9:06
  • I have confidence building simple sentences in Chinese, like those whch only are made of S V O. for instance: 可爱的熟女(S) 亲吻了(V) 爱豆腐的青蛙 (O) the sentence does not make much sense, but it is grammatically correct, i could expand this sentence for a time and place phrase: 可爱的熟女(S) 每天(timePhr.) 在井上(PlacePhr.) 亲吻了(V) 爱豆腐的青蛙 (O) so far i am confident, but there exist much more phrases than s,v,o,time and place and i am absolutely clueless where to put them within the sentence structure. Oct 25, 2014 at 11:26

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  • You could assemble Chinese as well as English.
  • Pure SVO structure.
    1. 淑女 亲吻着 青蛙。
    2. 可爱的淑女 偷偷地亲吻着 绿色的青蛙。
    3. 蹲在湖边的可爱的淑女 略带羞涩地偷偷地轻吻着 站在荷叶上的绿色的青蛙。
    4. 一位蹲在湖边的可爱的淑女 低着头略带羞涩地偷偷地轻吻着 一只站在荷叶上的绿色的青蛙。
  • Then add more parts.
    1. 在一个温暖的午后 一位蹲在湖边的可爱的淑女 低着头略带羞涩地偷偷地轻吻着 一只站在荷叶上的绿色的青蛙。
    2. 在一个温暖的午后 一位蹲在湖边的可爱的淑女 穿着连衣裙 头上戴着金灿灿的小皇冠 手上拿着一朵花 低着头略带羞涩地偷偷地轻吻着 一只站在荷叶上的绿色的青蛙。
  • More parts with the help of comma and dash in Chinese.
    1. 在一个温暖的午后,蝴蝶在风中翩翩起舞, 一位蹲在湖边的可爱的淑女 穿着连衣裙 头上戴着金灿灿的小皇冠 手上拿着一朵花,在左右旁顾无人以后, 低着头略带羞涩地偷偷地轻吻着 一只站在荷叶上的绿色的——其实我们都知道那是一只被施展了魔法的,从一位英俊王子变成的——青蛙。
  • If I want, I could write a much longger one. :)

I'll add a bit more into your formula:

S + time + at... + from... + with(someone) + with/using(tool) + to/for(someone) + [把(O)] + V + 了/过/着 + O + 了 + 吗/呢/吧/啊

In Chinese:

主 + 时 + 在 + 从 + 跟/和 + 用/坐 + 给 + [把(宾)] + 动 + 了/过/着 + 宾 + 了 + 吗/呢/吧/啊

That's what I've figured out so far. It might not be that accurate.

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