I assume that scientific discussion in Chinese uses scientific notation, such as 5×1012. How would I read such a number aloud?

I looked at the rules for saying numbers, as well as the Wikipedia page it links to. The closest thing I could find were the large numbers and metric prefixes.

If I follow the large numbers, then I would guess 五兆, but I'm hoping there's a more general phrase like the way we say, "five times ten to the twelfth power" in English. I found that 乘幂 means exponentiation, so can I say 五倍十二乘幂的十?

  • There is a regional difference here -- 兆 is only 10^6 (million) in mainland China while 10^12 in Taiwan...
    – user58955
    Oct 28, 2014 at 9:09

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五 乘以 十的 十二次冪 Five times 10 to the 12.


OR "五乘以十的十二次方"

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