What advice for translation could you give in this context, how would you translate the following sentences containing adverbials:

  1. I will go to military-school soon.

  2. I will go to military-school within the next week.

  3. I will go to military-school once i have finished studying.

    my attempt on translating (please feel free to correct my mistakes):

    • 即将 去 军校。
    • 下星期里 去 军校。
    • 比及读完 去 军校
  • some people might suggest 一旦我读完了书我将去军校 for 3 – user6065 Oct 29 '14 at 23:50

我即将去军校 is grammatically correct, but 即将 sounds too formal. Try this:

我很快就要去军校了。 I soon will go-to military-school le.

Notice that I used which marks the end of what I am saying. Otherwise a listener may expect that you have something more to say. There are subtle uses of that may take pages to explain.

If you want a formal form, 我即将去军校了 is perfectly fine.

我下星期里去军校 is understandable. Within is kind of a formal preposition word in English. In Chinese you may want to say:

我要在下星期内去军校。 I will at next week within go-to military-school.

在...(以)内 is more idiomatic.

我比及读完去军校 -- 比及 is an archaic word that is no longer in use. study is 学习; It can be sometimes, but the context is missing. Anyway:

我一旦学习完就去军校。 I once study finish then go-to military-school.

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