Thanks to another question on this forum i learned that the south-western corner of a house has its own name: 奥. I was very surprised of this notion and could not make any sense why there might be necessity for giving corners unique names.

  • Could you provide an ethymology to make the purpose of naming comprehensible?
  • What are further names for particular places in a house?
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    《爾雅·釋宮》:「西南隅謂之奧。西北隅謂之屋漏。東北隅謂之宦。東南隅謂之㝔。」 Thus, the southwestern corner is 奧, northwestern is 屋漏, northeastern is 宦, and southeastern is 㝔.
    – Stan
    Oct 30, 2014 at 6:58

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I do not know of names for other corners of the house, but the southwestern corner is considered traditionally as the privileged site suitable for worshipping deities.

《禮·曲禮》 爲人子者,居不主奧。

"The child does not live in the southwestern corner." In other words, one should show deference to one's parents by yielding the southwestern corner.

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