I came across a site that is called zdic and holds explanation of characters, but unfortunately no example sentences like nciku for modern Chinese.

Do you know of any source that contains sample sentences in classical Chinese with annotation about the grammar, if possible in English.

Or maybe a book that fulfils this requirement.

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I guess that are the senior or junior students' Chinese textbooks for Teachers. You know, Chinese textbooks contains two versions, for students and for teachers, in which the Teachers' book contains the grammar explaination you need.


Surely there are plenty of these kinds of books in Chinese.

Here's a link to several English textbooks https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-of-the-best-resources-for-learning-classical-Chinese

There are also several online resources... I could make a list but you would probably find a better one by using a search engine.

zdic.net does have example sentences but as you noted, there is no English gloss.

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