1. I used to listened to this Buddhist stories radio play (空中结缘) some time ago. It's aired weekly by RTHK/香港电台 and apart from the recitations from Buddhist scriptures, I think the dialog parts are pretty good for learners of Chinese, the stories are entertaining and there are plenty of them, so I thought I would share the feed link with you:


(It also has a Cantonese version, in case someone is interested).

  1. There was another radio play podcast broadcast by a Singaporean radio station running under the title 麻达一郎 (Mada Yilang, a Japanese name), which was about a Japanese criminal police investigation, also a nice one. Unfortunately it seems to be completely removed from the website (xin.msn.com). Has anyone by any chance heard of it or knows where to download it from again? I would highly recommend it those who are intermediate learners of Mandarin, if only I still knew where the files are hosted.

  2. Are there any good quality Mandarin language radio plays you know of and would recommend it to practice Chinese?



Try 新闻酸菜馆

For some reasons, mainland Chinese do not have much existence on podcast, but you can find tons of fine broadcasts on another app, 荔枝FM (you have to search in Chinese with that though.).

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