I would like to know how to say "shin splints" in Chinese. Shin splints are a fairly common injury for runners.

Please note that shin splints are NOT splints that you put on your shin but rather a pain that occurs along the inner edge of the shin bone (Wikipedia article here).

I tried looking up "shin splints", "splints", and "splint" on my Android Pleco app but all I got for definitions was "splint" meaning the same thing as a "cast", or something you put your limb in to support it during recovery.

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Well looks like you should invest in new (Pleco) dictionaries:

外胫夹 -Zhongshan Medical


[用作单数] 【病理学】 (田径运动员等患的) 外胫炎,外胫酸痛 [1940∼1945] -21 Century

Baidu also returns the following:

胫前疼痛/外胫夹(Shin splints)

I would go with 外胫夹

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