I am preparing a toy example for my talk and it would be nice if I had this phrase translated to Chinese (simplified): "the wicked witch of Oz". Also, it would be nice if you could tell me which words in the English version corresponds to which words in the Chinese (simplified Chinese) translation.

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I'm afraid the name "the wicked witch of Oz" may be confusing. Baum's original story has "The Wicked Witch of the East (in Oz)" and "The Wicked Witch of the West (in Oz)".

Oz, or Land of Oz: 奥兹国, 奥茨国、欧茨国、is almost meaningless in Chinese without referencing the common title of the book in Chinese 绿野仙踪

Since the Wicked Witch of the East dies early in the story, your "the wicked witch of Oz" may be understood as


绿野仙踪: title of the story; (中): (dative) in...; (的): (genitive) of...; 西国: the West; 邪恶: wicked; 女巫: witch

  • very interesting answer. For me the Oz was enough as I was simply using it as an example to prove my point in a presentation. Commented Nov 21, 2014 at 4:24



女巫(the wicked witch)


If it's a toy you may name it "奥兹女巫手办"


邪恶的(the wicked)女巫(witch)奥兹(Oz)

Please note that Oz is only a name so it has many translation versions, such as 奥子,奥兹.

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