How do we describe the growth of “rights” (or more colloquially in English the "extension of rights' (e.g. the extension of women's rights, etc.)? Is it 女性权利的:

  • 发展?

  • 增加?

  • 提高?

  • 扩大?

Let me know what you think is best for the situation! Cheers.

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Google is your friend. Here are the number of results:

  • "权利的增加" 939,000
  • "权利的扩大" 539,000
  • "权利的提高" 333,000
  • "权利的发展" 91,900

女权的发展 and 女权的提高 would make sense depending on what you are trying to describe.

女权的发展 - development of women rights 女权的提高 - rise of women rights

I'm assuming you are seeking for rise of women rights?

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