Can you kindly help me translate and/or identify english name for this plant/dish

http://www.foodreport.cn/nutrition.php?action=view&id=228 http://www.nipic.com/show/1/55/5740675k344c9c09.html

  • Try 凉拌贡菜 in baidu.com you will get lots of pretty pics! I don't think it has to be asparagus, any old veggies will do! – Pedroski Dec 21 '14 at 23:31

It's difficult to translate names of Chinese dishes into English, because of the huge differences between Chinese and Western cuisine.

The dish featured on the page is called:

凉拌贡菜 (liangban gongcai), character by character:

  • 凉 cold

  • 拌 to toss (salad)

  • 贡 to tribute

  • 菜 dish

So it's basically a salad that is served cold.

The main ingredient is known as 贡菜 (gong cai) in Chinese, which is sometimes also written as 'gong choi' or 'yamakurage' (Japanese name).

If I am wrong, do correct me.

EDIT: There are some nice photos out there on the dish (gongcai salad) and on the cultivation of gongcai, as well.

  • @Sasha I must warn you, that you should double check if yamakurage really is the thing in the image and as for the 'Chinese asparagus', I am not sure about that. Wait for other users to contribute to this, see if they have more details. – Drunken Master Dec 21 '14 at 20:38

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