According to Wikipedia's List Of Traditional Chinese Medicines:

Human penis

According to Li Shizhen:

the human penis is not a drug

Human penis is believed under TCM to stop bleeding, and as with other TCM medicines, the basis for belief in its therapeutic effects is anecdotal and not based on the scientific method; Li Shizhen, author of the greatest pharmacological work in pre-modern China, the Bencao Gangmu materia medica, objected to use of human penis, but cited the anecdotal evidence and included it in the Bencao Gangmu, which is still a standard reference today.[8][26]

  • Apparently human penis is listed in the Bencao Gangmu, what is the original text?

欽定四庫全書本《本草綱目》卷五十二 (Bencao Gangmu, vol. 52)

Page89 Page90



From an online excerpt:




  • Have to say this: may have been good for the patient, but sure wasn't good for the 'donor'!! Ouch!
    – Pedroski
    Jan 7 '15 at 22:43

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