Right now I am taking Mandarin 1 in Brooklyn Tech. From my understanding, 号 and 日 both mean "day." I took it upon myself to check Google Translate and find out what they both mean for confirmation. I found:

号: Day of the month; number 日:Day; Date; sun

So what is the difference? Can I use both terms in one sentence?(As in I could replace one with the other) Or are they more different than similar?


Note: I use trad.Chi so 號 is the same as 号

When you talk about a date, you can use 號 when you are talking casually with people, for example:

今天是幾多號? 今天是十五號。

You can use 日 when you're writing (eg. diary or notes) or saying something formal:


Both has the same meaning.

[!] If you use them for other meanings, they are totally different.


The 號 was introduced when Westerner came to the city of Canton and applied only to Western calendar. 號 is the day number of Western month. It is never applied to Chinese calendar. Only 日 is used in Chinese calendar. 日 is also applied to Western calendar in written form.

四月十六號. It must be 16th April in Western calendar. 四月十六日. It is 16th April in Western calendar or the 16th day of 4th month of Chinese calendar.


日 is the more formal way to say "day" like you are speaking with a businessman/businesswoman. 号 is more casual to speak with friends.

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    You use 「號」when you are speaking. You seldom use 「日」. – 54D Jan 10 '15 at 2:42

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