I already knew that 平均 means "average", 均匀 means "even" or "evenly distributed". But how to distiguish these two phrases? Can you give me some examples? Thanks a lot!

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  1. if i have 10 apples , i give you 5 and keep the another 5 myself , it called "平均";
    enter image description here

  2. Here "picture 1" is called “均匀”, while picture 2 is called “不均匀”.

    “均匀” [picture 1]

    “不均匀” [picture 2]

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Here's an example:

Case 1:  

The average age of gamers is 22
You cannot use 均匀 here but only 平均

Case 2:  

This painting's color is evenly distributed
You cannot use 平均 here but only 均匀


I will say "average" is one of the result / statistic of a distribution, where "evenly distributed" is one of the many ways to distribute.


suppose you have 2 apples, your brother has 4, so, you guys 平均 have (2+4)/2=3 but it is not 均匀, if you have 3, your brother has 3 too, then it is 均匀.

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