I think this means 'double the sales volume', but 翻 can mean 'turnover' as in 'sales volume' or 'double'. '一番‘ seems to mean 'twofold'. I'm a bit confused.

。。。在未来十年内实现销售额翻一番, 。。。maybe = ...double the turnover in the next ten years ...

Which word is 'double'??


Here means multiply, means time;fold.

翻番/翻一番 -> *2(double)
翻两番 -> *4
翻三番 -> *8
... ...

  • @Pedroski Yes.. – user4072 Feb 12 '15 at 9:58

I did some study on this. Here is my two cents.

番, Fan1, is a measurement word for a piece of sheet, for example, paper, gold sheet, or land. 金薄十万番, 吏以纸万番赆之, 一番江水一番鱼.

番,when used in calculation,means the base number. There are 2 cases: 加番,翻番. For example, if the area of a piece of paper is 100 square centimeters, then 一番 = 100 (cm^2).

加1番=100+100, 加N番=100+N*100.

翻1番=100*(1+1)=200,翻2番= 翻1番 and 翻1番 again. (100*(1+1))(1+1)=200*2=400, etc.

加 means to put in another piece of paper.

翻 means to turn the paper to the other side, like turn over a page of a book. So it means double.

I checked a couple of online dictionaries, there are for sure some misleading.

  • So in my sentence, '翻‘ = ’加‘。 Is that correct? – Pedroski Feb 12 '15 at 23:49
  • No. 翻番 is not 加番. – PdotWang Feb 13 '15 at 0:23

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