Is it mostly a question of register?


Normally, 怎么 is more oral than 如何. 如何 can be read in much ancient literature, and it can also be used in formal documents, but that is too formal.

You may express "How about that?" saying:


There is an idiom 如何是好, which expresses "What/How should I do?".


(1) You use 怎么 when you are seeking a definite answer to a specific question.

你今天很开心,收到怎么好消息?-- You are very happy today, what good news did you receive?

(2) You use 如何 when you are soliciting an opinion / or agreement on a certain matter.

我们今晚吃寿司如何?-- How about we eat sushi tonight?


Actually, I believe both "怎么" and "如何" have multiple senses. So you'd better to look up a thesaurus or specify which sense you are referring here.

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