Is there a Chinese-Chinese dictionary api or database available?

I want to include it in an app I am developing.

By "Chinese-Chinese" I mean that if you look up a word in Chinese you get a Chinese definition, not an English definition of a Chinese word.

I am looking for a word dictionary and/or a character dictionary.

I prefer a database or even a flat text file, but a web api might work.


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I think you might get this kind of database from some publication press if you are lucky, but it seems to be not an easy way.

Also, I didn't find any database or flat text with Open Source License from the Internet.

But here is a website which is quite clean and neat. http://www.zdic.net/

I tried to look up a single Chinese character(字), and the request link seems quite tidy. I tried 好 and it showed http://www.zdic.net/z/17/js/597D.htm ,where 597D is exactly the UTF-8 code of 好. So you may use this as a breaking point to implement your dictionary function.

Also, if your app is for commercial purpose, please don't forget reading the license of this website before using it ;)

Have fun coding!


I found this link to a bunch of StarDict dictionaries: http://download.huzheng.org/zh_CN/

You can convert these to text files in linux using sudo apt install stardict-tools and then run stardict-editor.

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