In the same spirit as my other question about how to type certain radicals, I would like to know how to type strokes themselves. I would like to be able to type all the strokes listed on the Wikipedia page. Unlike radicals, however, to the best of my knowledge, not all of these strokes have a pronunciation associated to them (well, maybe if you allow more than one syllable, e.g. heng2zhe2zhe2gou1), and so I don't even know where to begin to try to input these.

  • Have you tried Google translation? You can hang write there.
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Wubihua input method. You can find this on older chinese phones hardware keys, or with a software keyboard on smartphones. It consists of just 5 buttons, each representing a basic stroke type. You tap them in the order of writing and suggestions of the most likely character come up. My personal favourite is multiling keyboard on Android. I have no idea how to input this on windows or mac. I only use the pinyin based microsoft chinese ime.


Sougou input method.

If you know the name of the stroke:

Just input the name of that stroke, you could find it on the suggestion banner.

If you don't know the name:
  1. You could try to input "u" firstly and see following the guide info on the banner.
  2. Right click the input method choose "表情&符号"(smiley&symbols) -> "特殊符号"(specials) -> 中文字符.
  3. Right click the input method choose "扩展功能"(Add-ins) -> "手写输入"(Handwriting), then draw the stroke on the board.

For me, I just search online and copy/paste if I need.

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