I met a young lady the other day who told me her name was "Jinyin". That is how it's pronounced, but not necessarily how it's spelled. In fact, I don't think that's how it is spelled at all. Could someone tell me what would be the English spelling of this name?

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Was she pretty? Can you get me her telephone number?! Haha!

Maybe it is 金云 = jin yun = gold cloud (yun can sound like yin sometimes)

金莹 = jin ying = gold shiny gem

Maybe she has a surname in front of this name, which she didn't mention, or maybe her surname is 金 = jin = gold (surnames come first in Chinese)


Jinyin is a valid pair of 2 syllables in Pinyin (the official Mandarin transcription) composed of jin + yin. Take into consideration, that you might have misheard one or both finals, so Jingyin, Jinying or even Jingying is possible. (the -n and -ng finals are pretty close to each other and one might occasionally confuse them).

Actually some Westerners also might confuse the j- and q- initials, so a name beginning with Q- is also possible.

Next time you meet hear, ask her to spell her name in Pinyin.

PS. I wouldn't bother trying to make a guess on the meaning or the characters of the name, there are so many possibilities. Ask her to write it down.


The Chinese has many homophones, so it's difficult to know the exact words if you just know the pronunciation without the context. For a girl name, Jinyin probably is 金银 or 谨茵. You'd better ask her how to spell her name next time. :)

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