This question is not precisely about language, but really more cultural. It is about Journey to the West/西遊記. I am doing my Chinese homework, which is to summarize the chapter of 西遊記 where 唐僧 et al. need to get the real banana leaf fan from the Iron Fan Princess to put out the fire to cross the fire mountain. I'm confused about one aspect of the plot. Is it 孫悟空 or 豬八戒 who takes the appearance of 牛魔王 in order to get drunk with 鐵扇公主 and get the real fan? According to the English-language Wikipedia, it is 孫悟空. However, I thought in class the professor said it was 豬八戒. So I'm a little confused. Thanks in advance for any clarity, and sorry if this question not being specifically about language is inappropriate for this forum. -紐約市唐納文上

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Wikipedia is right.

Sun Wukong disguises himself as Bull Demon King to deceive Princess Iron Fan and takes away her Banana Leaf Fan. The real Bull Demon King visits Princess Iron Fan, who then realises she has been tricked. Bull Demon King disguises himself as Zhu Bajie to trick Sun Wukong and retrieves the fan.

From the novel:


The splendid Great Sage then reverted to his original form, untied the golden-eyed beast, leapt into the carved saddle, and rode straight up from the bottom of the water. Once out of the pool he made himself look like the Bull Demon King. Whipping on the beast he set his cloud moving and was soon at the mouth of the Plantain Cave in Mount Turquoise Cloud.

“Open up!” he shouted, and at the sound of his voice the two servant girls inside the gates opened them for him.

Taking him for the Bull Demon King they went in to report, “Madam, His Majesty's come home.” At the news Raksasi quickly neatened her hair and hurried out on her little lotus feet to meet him. Climbing out of the saddle the Great Sage led the golden-eyed beast inside. He was bold enough to try to deceive the beauty, whose mortal eyes failed to see who he really was as she led him inside, hand in hand.

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