I'm looking for a definitive list of ABB colors, like:

  • 绿茵茵

  • 红彤彤

I'm sure there's tons of these, green has, for instance, apart from the 绿茵茵 written above, 绿油油 as well as many others (I would assume).

The lists I've found online are usually pretty poor, i.e.:


and that's about it...

  • Is there a definitive list of ABB colors?

As a small research project, we can combine a few of those lists and then expand the result in collaboration. This then becomes the definitive list of ABB colors.

  • 红扑扑, 红彤彤, 红通通, 红艳艳, 红通通, 红赤赤, 红光光, 红灿灿, 红殷殷
  • 绿油油, 绿莹莹, 绿生生, 绿茸茸, 绿汪汪, 绿茵茵, 绿森森
  • 白皑皑, 白花花, 白茫茫, 白蒙蒙, 白生生, 白嫩嫩
  • 灰沉沉, 灰溜溜, 灰蒙蒙
  • 黑沉沉, 黑洞洞, 黑糊糊, 黑茫茫, 黑蒙蒙, 黑黢黢, 黑黝黝, 黑压压, 黑漆漆, 黑生生
  • 乌溜溜
  • 青幽幽
  • 碧澄澄
  • 黄灿灿, 黄澄澄, 黄乎乎
  • 金灿灿, 金煌煌, 金闪闪, 金亮亮, 金晃晃
  • 蓝晶晶, 蓝盈盈, 蓝幽幽, 蓝湛湛, 蓝隐隐, 蓝莹莹, 蓝汪汪
  • 紫乌乌, 紫莹莹, 紫茵茵, 紫盈盈, 紫通通, 紫微微, 紫灿灿, 紫葳葳
  • 粉扑扑, 粉嘟嘟

My small contribution:

  • 绿葱葱
  • 红呼呼, 红润润
  • 灰渌渌, 灰塌塌
  • 碧油油
  • 蓝瓦瓦
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    Can turn this into a community wiki, if you think that's a good idea. – Mo. Apr 3 '15 at 8:34
  • @user3306356 I think it is a good idea! – Michael Lai Apr 4 '15 at 21:14

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